The power of the internet is here and it should be harnessed! Smart Phone Cards is happy announce that you may now run your online ads with us.


What are online ads?

When you have a business, marketing is a huge chunk of what entails your success. In order for people to realize that you exist, you have to tell them about it. That is where ads come in. The normal standards of advertising are running TV, radio, and print ads. These are quite costly and success is often subjective.

With the revolution of the internet, more and more consumers are more inclined to be online rather than watch TV or listen to the radio. This is where online ads come in. Online ads come in different forms and are hosted by websites. Online ads are good because:


Direct Market Approach

When you run online ads, it would only makes sense to target the demographic that is relevant to your product or service. For example, since we are focused on poker, running ads for upcoming poker events would make sense.


Cost Effective

Digital space is cheaper than physical space.


What type of ads do we run?

Banner marketing

We can host your online banners. If you have not got one, our web developers can work with you.

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One of the biggest things about online ads is that they aren’t restricted to banners. In-depth articles can put a little bit more push for your product.

If you think you want to run your ads with us, give us a call at 214-822-9879 and we’ll work something out.