Are You Guilty: the Types of Poker Players That Everyone Hates

Poker is a game that is best enjoyed when faced with worthy opponents. We place the emphasis on worthy because there are many out there are certainly not. Join us as we list the types of players that everyone hates.

Primarily a social game, playing poker will expose you to other individuals. As much as we would all like to believe that every poker play out there is courteous and genuine, we are sad to say that is not that case at all. There are various types of players and playing types. Here are a few that we know raise a few eyebrows:


The “Pro”

This kind of player may have played at a professional level but never really got to make it to top tier. They like to bend everyone’s ear on how “they did it during his time” or “which strategy is best”. They are more interested in sharing their “know-how” instead of actually playing the game. These are the sorts of players who often brag about their “skill” when they do win a hand and complain about “bad luck” when they have to fold (if they ever actually do).

This type of player is quite hated because instead of being able to sit back and enjoy a good game of poker, everyone now has to endure tales from the “great one”. It is when you have had the misfortune of sitting next to one of these that you truly appreciate online poker.


The “Boulder”

These are the players who generally do not like to make any risks when they play. They stonewall and wait until they have the best possible hand combination. These are normally easy to find as they are the type to just sit and watch everyone play and will not re-raise regularly. Be warned. If you ever find yourself being re-raised by a boulder, it is generally safer to fold.

This type of player is annoying is because they kind of suck the fun out of being able to enjoy a good battle of wills. This is like a petulant child who will only smile if they get the biggest and fattest cookie in the jar.


The “Station”

This player is the direct opposite of the one above. Instead of stonewalling, this type of player will call on every hand regardless of whether or not they have got a good hand for it. This player is the personification of the concept of “fear of missing out” or FOMO. What is particularly bad about this type of player is that they will call but never raise anything.

While you may think that they are easy to play against and are an easy source of money, but as they do not actually deviate from their “call everything” strategy, they may actually have a really good hand and you can end up feeding the station the idea that they are actually good. Luck is a big factor in poker and when you call everything, you are bound to get lucky.


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