Poker Philosophy: How the Game is Exactly Like Dating

The game of poker has a lot of facets to it that you can actually apply to the world of dating. Not convinced? Join us as we explain why poker is EXACTLY like dating. Smart Phone Cards is a site that not only discusses the game itself but also the different ways it is viewed. One of what we hope will be regular segments will be about philosophy.

Poker is a game wherein skill, luck, and presentation are king. Dating is pretty much like that as well. In today’s discussion we will be elaborating on those three things and let’s see if you can still deny it by the end.



Poker, a game, has established rules, techniques, and combinations to help players get positive results. Dating, a social interaction has set rules of etiquette, certain techniques, and combinations to help singletons get successful interactions.

Certain facets of it can be innate like math for poker or conversational skills for dating. Both things may also require a skill that you build over time. After all, no one is born knowing all the possible combination to win a poker game. Just like there is no one born how to flatter a woman in the most efficient way possible, right?



You can practice all you may like but if the timing is not right. One of the things that make poker addicting is the fact that luck still plays a factor in the game. You can try to aim for a good hand but if the cards do not come your way, you just have to deal with it. It is all about working with what you are given.

In terms of dating, luck also plays a factor. The chances of meeting a total stranger and hitting it off is a hit and miss thing. You can be totally into someone and it can even be mutual but if the timing is off, it will not work.



A major part of the game of poker is bluffing. You need to appear like you are a certain way (confident or worried) despite it being not the reality. When you are dating someone and you want that date to go places, how you present yourself matters.

You cannot show up to a date looking sloppy or under dressed (if you are going somewhere fancy). If you are trying to impress your potential partner, it would be important to appear the right blend of confidence (even if you do not particularly feel it). Most of the best dates happen between two people who are pretty darn nervous but continue on—they just bluff their way through the nerves.


Absolutely the same

As you can see, the game of poker and dating are pretty much the same thing. This is probably why a lot of poker players have steady relationships. While the applications might vary depending on the situation, the key ingredients are still the same. The next time you try to date or even when you are about to play another round of poker, try to spot the three things that make poker and dating so similar.


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