Are You Making These Five Mental Mistakes When You Play Poker?

A large part of playing poker is being mentally strong. However, there are times where this may be difficult. Join us as we do a check on some mental mistakes that you might be making. No one can accuse a poker player of not having mental fortitude.

It takes a lot of mental strength to being consistent at playing poker. Poker players often deal with a lot of factors like burnout or massive losses. That said, this does not mean that even poker players are completely immune from making mental mistakes. If you play poker, it is time to check if you are making any of these five mental mistakes.



When you go into a poker game with the mentality that you will not give up, you are already well into your way into the neighborhood of loss. Being inflexible about your decision to win or score the biggest pot is a mental mistake that will earn you more losses than wins. In the game of poker, you will be faced with situations wherein it is ultimately better to fold.

When you have made up your mind to be inflexible, you can fully expect the losses to start piling up.


Too Much Bluffing

Bluffing is a normal part of the game of poker. However, when you resolve yourself into pretty much bluffing all of your opponents for every round, you end up exhausting yourself that much faster. Also, if you keep bluffing, you will find that your bluffs no longer have any potency to them. Instead of working to keep your opponents guessing, you’ll end up tipping them off whenever you DO have a good hand.


Unrealistic Goals

Having a goal is fine. However, it is when you psyche yourself up to a goal that is not realistic, you end feeling frustrated and dejected. This is a pitfall that even a lot of professional players have. Being able to come up with an attainable goal is better for your mental status as a poker player.

Instead of having a high or large goal, try to aim for something that you can reach with a little bit of hard work. This way, you have a marker of your growth as a player and you test your mental capabilities in the long run.



When you have a big tournament coming up, it is good to prepare. However, when you invariably unload your system with the newest plays or strategies, you end up damaging your overall performance when the game starts.

A good thing to do would be to pace yourself with your preparation and take a rest the day before your tournament or game. This way, your mind has a chance to rest and really store everything that you have come to learn over the period of your preparation.


Overly Frenzied

Going into a poker game or tournament can be quite exciting. However, if you approach the game with your settings on high, you end up burning out before the game even starts.

Keep these few points in mind and prep your mental game!


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