Need to Call India: Calling Cards That Actually Work

India is a beautiful country. It also has a thriving poker circuit that is worth visiting. If you ever find yourself considering going there for a game, it is crucial that you be a smart traveler. Let Smart Phone Cards be your guide in determining the best calling cards that can get you connected to India with the best rates possible.

Once again, a prepaid phone card is a card that comes with a set amount or minutes that you can consume in order to make a call. Some of them even offer a set amount of free texts to accompany the call. Using them is fairly easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Buy the card
  2. Load the card unto your sim card
  3. Use up the minutes through a call

When you are calling India, there might be some additional information required like the area code along with the number that you are trying to reach. If this sounds a bit too technical, do not worry! Prepaid cards usually come with explicit instructions at the back of the card.

Are you wondering which cards work well with India as the intended country of contact? Here are a few cards that get the job done:



If you are after the lowest rates, this brand can work well for you. They have .011 cents per minute rate so you can keep talking at some length. There might be some concern regarding the quality so it is something that can be a pass or go depending on the weather. With all things, do not just look at the price, you have to see the overall value—much like a hand in poker.



If you are after superior quality in the call you are making, SpeedyPin is a reliable calling card. With that in mind, it would be important to mention that while their quality is good; their prices may seem a little steep. They do have several packages that you can choose from so you may be able to find out that works best for your particular needs.


Zap Tel

If you are looking to purchase your cards in a convenient fashion, Zap Tel has an online store where you can purchase your calling cards in the comfort of your home. This brand is one of the more available options in the US. From what we know, their rates usually start at 7 cents per minute. This price however inflates as you go on.



When you are not sure how well the card connects or how the quality is, it would be good to get a card in a small increment. Buying one of the lesser value cards simply as a test, is often a good call. Spending a little bit now can save you a fortune later on. Imagine trying to make the call when it is needed and finding yourself unable to do so. Not only do you waste your money but you also waste your time.


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