Should Poker Players make use of Prepaid Phone Cards?

Poker can actually take you places. While the internet has made things easier in terms of communication, it still pays to have backup. Today, we discuss the merits or prepaid phone cards for poker players.

Being able to reach people is a good thing when you are traveling is always a crucial thing. When you play poker, there are always events that will require a bit of travelling. If your play professionally, you can expect to be invited to international events. We have mentioned the internet has made things a lot easier with the aspects of Skype and even Facebook; however, there is always the event of the network being down.

International call rates are still pretty steep so if you are on a budget, it can really mess it up. When you are a poker player and you are about to travel abroad, what do you do? A good option would be to use a prepaid phone card. Here are a few good reasons why:


It offers extra protection

If you are not comfortable using actual phone for overseas trips, using a burner phone in tandem with prepaid phone cards can help protect your identity. Prepaid cards do not log calls like regular phone plans do. If you stay smart and keep away from any apps that identify you, your phone is completely safe.

There is a reason why those of ill repute rely on prepaid cards and burner phones. They are pretty much impossible to tack unto a person.


It makes international calls cheaper

Prepaid phone cards are more affordable simply because the minutes that you will consume are added beforehand. When the minutes are up, the call disconnects. You are not billed for any minutes that go beyond simply because it does not work that way. Much like a debit card, you only get to spend what you put in.

What is great about phone cards is that there are specialized deals depending on what country you are calling and even where you are calling from. You just need to make sure that the card you are using is legitimate. Yes, there are scam cards out there so it is important that you purchase your prepaid cards from reputable stores and sources.


It is easy to obtain

Most other countries outside of the USA generally stay away from postpaid phone plans. There are those that often cannot afford the monthly fees that come with an established phone contract. This makes the prepaid market thrive.

If you find yourself without any internet connection and unwilling to use your roaming data, a prepaid card is your best option.


Final Thoughts

Prepaid phone cards have a lot of benefits for the traveler. If you have a poker tournament coming up in a different part of your country or in another country, it would be smart of you to purchase some prepaid phone cards and keep it in your wallet. Better to have some and not need it than to need it and not have any.


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