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Need to Call India: Calling Cards That Actually Work

India is a beautiful country. It also has a thriving poker circuit that is worth visiting. If you ever find yourself considering going there for a game, it is crucial that you be a smart traveler. Let Smart Phone Cards be your guide in determining the best calling cards that can get you connected to India with the best rates possible.

Once again, a prepaid phone card is a card that comes with a set amount or minutes that you can consume in order to make a call. Some of them even offer a set amount of free texts to accompany the call. Using them is fairly easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Buy the card
  2. Load the card unto your sim card
  3. Use up the minutes through a call

When you are calling India, there might be some additional information required like the area code along with the number that you are trying to reach. If this sounds a bit too technical, do not worry! Prepaid cards usually come with explicit instructions at the back of the card.

Are you wondering which cards work well with India as the intended country of contact? Here are a few cards that get the job done:



If you are after the lowest rates, this brand can work well for you. They have .011 cents per minute rate so you can keep talking at some length. There might be some concern regarding the quality so it is something that can be a pass or go depending on the weather. With all things, do not just look at the price, you have to see the overall value—much like a hand in poker.



If you are after superior quality in the call you are making, SpeedyPin is a reliable calling card. With that in mind, it would be important to mention that while their quality is good; their prices may seem a little steep. They do have several packages that you can choose from so you may be able to find out that works best for your particular needs.


Zap Tel

If you are looking to purchase your cards in a convenient fashion, Zap Tel has an online store where you can purchase your calling cards in the comfort of your home. This brand is one of the more available options in the US. From what we know, their rates usually start at 7 cents per minute. This price however inflates as you go on.



When you are not sure how well the card connects or how the quality is, it would be good to get a card in a small increment. Buying one of the lesser value cards simply as a test, is often a good call. Spending a little bit now can save you a fortune later on. Imagine trying to make the call when it is needed and finding yourself unable to do so. Not only do you waste your money but you also waste your time.


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Should Poker Players make use of Prepaid Phone Cards?

Poker can actually take you places. While the internet has made things easier in terms of communication, it still pays to have backup. Today, we discuss the merits or prepaid phone cards for poker players.

Being able to reach people is a good thing when you are traveling is always a crucial thing. When you play poker, there are always events that will require a bit of travelling. If your play professionally, you can expect to be invited to international events. We have mentioned the internet has made things a lot easier with the aspects of Skype and even Facebook; however, there is always the event of the network being down.

International call rates are still pretty steep so if you are on a budget, it can really mess it up. When you are a poker player and you are about to travel abroad, what do you do? A good option would be to use a prepaid phone card. Here are a few good reasons why:


It offers extra protection

If you are not comfortable using actual phone for overseas trips, using a burner phone in tandem with prepaid phone cards can help protect your identity. Prepaid cards do not log calls like regular phone plans do. If you stay smart and keep away from any apps that identify you, your phone is completely safe.

There is a reason why those of ill repute rely on prepaid cards and burner phones. They are pretty much impossible to tack unto a person.


It makes international calls cheaper

Prepaid phone cards are more affordable simply because the minutes that you will consume are added beforehand. When the minutes are up, the call disconnects. You are not billed for any minutes that go beyond simply because it does not work that way. Much like a debit card, you only get to spend what you put in.

What is great about phone cards is that there are specialized deals depending on what country you are calling and even where you are calling from. You just need to make sure that the card you are using is legitimate. Yes, there are scam cards out there so it is important that you purchase your prepaid cards from reputable stores and sources.


It is easy to obtain

Most other countries outside of the USA generally stay away from postpaid phone plans. There are those that often cannot afford the monthly fees that come with an established phone contract. This makes the prepaid market thrive.

If you find yourself without any internet connection and unwilling to use your roaming data, a prepaid card is your best option.


Final Thoughts

Prepaid phone cards have a lot of benefits for the traveler. If you have a poker tournament coming up in a different part of your country or in another country, it would be smart of you to purchase some prepaid phone cards and keep it in your wallet. Better to have some and not need it than to need it and not have any.


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Are You Guilty: the Types of Poker Players That Everyone Hates

Poker is a game that is best enjoyed when faced with worthy opponents. We place the emphasis on worthy because there are many out there are certainly not. Join us as we list the types of players that everyone hates.

Primarily a social game, playing poker will expose you to other individuals. As much as we would all like to believe that every poker play out there is courteous and genuine, we are sad to say that is not that case at all. There are various types of players and playing types. Here are a few that we know raise a few eyebrows:


The “Pro”

This kind of player may have played at a professional level but never really got to make it to top tier. They like to bend everyone’s ear on how “they did it during his time” or “which strategy is best”. They are more interested in sharing their “know-how” instead of actually playing the game. These are the sorts of players who often brag about their “skill” when they do win a hand and complain about “bad luck” when they have to fold (if they ever actually do).

This type of player is quite hated because instead of being able to sit back and enjoy a good game of poker, everyone now has to endure tales from the “great one”. It is when you have had the misfortune of sitting next to one of these that you truly appreciate online poker.


The “Boulder”

These are the players who generally do not like to make any risks when they play. They stonewall and wait until they have the best possible hand combination. These are normally easy to find as they are the type to just sit and watch everyone play and will not re-raise regularly. Be warned. If you ever find yourself being re-raised by a boulder, it is generally safer to fold.

This type of player is annoying is because they kind of suck the fun out of being able to enjoy a good battle of wills. This is like a petulant child who will only smile if they get the biggest and fattest cookie in the jar.


The “Station”

This player is the direct opposite of the one above. Instead of stonewalling, this type of player will call on every hand regardless of whether or not they have got a good hand for it. This player is the personification of the concept of “fear of missing out” or FOMO. What is particularly bad about this type of player is that they will call but never raise anything.

While you may think that they are easy to play against and are an easy source of money, but as they do not actually deviate from their “call everything” strategy, they may actually have a really good hand and you can end up feeding the station the idea that they are actually good. Luck is a big factor in poker and when you call everything, you are bound to get lucky.


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Easiest Ways to Protect Yourself When Playing Online Poker!

Cyber crime is constantly on the rise. Online poker is a lucrative and easy game to play. It is also fairly easy to join an online poker website. Join us as we spill some facts on how you can protect yourself when playing online poker.

While there are some pretty good websites out there that are secure and strict in their security measures, it is still better to do some homegrown defenses on your end. If the site can be trusted, it does not necessarily follow that all players can be trusted. After all, it is other players themselves that try to scam others. It is horrid but it is very true.

Here are a few and quite easy ways in which you can protect yourself when playing online poker:


Beef up your security software

It actually comes as a surprise to us that a lot of poker players online only carry the most rudimentary (and free) antivirus programs on their units. While there is nothing wrong with that, it cannot suitably protect you from more rabid types of malware.

It is important to remember that there are hackers out there that specifically design their malware to target specific people—like online poker players. It would be better on your part to invest in really good security software for your system. These will normally come with extra firewalls and programs specifically made to track key-loggers.


Never play on unsecured networks

The beauty of online poker is that you can play it from anywhere. You can have the program in your laptop or even your phone and you can play a game. What is not always secure is the network that you are using.

It is fairly common knowledge that public networks can look to be legit but are actually set up by hackers. The way it works is that when you connect to that network, your information is seen and therefore logged by people who are out to steal your identity. You can avoid this by bringing your own secured network with you. There are now pocket networks that you can purchase from your ISP (internet service provider). They will come with the security that you need when in public.


Think before you click!

One of the more common ways to scam someone is to create pop-up windows that mimic that site that you are presently on. For example, you log on to your poker website and click something—there might be a pop-up to overtake your browser saying that you have just been logged out and will need to log back in again.

Before you click anything, be sure that you are looking at the legal website that you are trying to visit. Online poker often deals with massive amounts of money—along with some sensitive information about your identity. If hackers manage to get a hold of your login details, you put yourself at risk. This can be easily avoided by keeping a sharp eye on anything that might look like a scam or a phishing site.

Keeping these pointers in mind will help keep your online poker life safe!



Post Author: John Adams

Are You Making These Five Mental Mistakes When You Play Poker?

A large part of playing poker is being mentally strong. However, there are times where this may be difficult. Join us as we do a check on some mental mistakes that you might be making. No one can accuse a poker player of not having mental fortitude.

It takes a lot of mental strength to being consistent at playing poker. Poker players often deal with a lot of factors like burnout or massive losses. That said, this does not mean that even poker players are completely immune from making mental mistakes. If you play poker, it is time to check if you are making any of these five mental mistakes.



When you go into a poker game with the mentality that you will not give up, you are already well into your way into the neighborhood of loss. Being inflexible about your decision to win or score the biggest pot is a mental mistake that will earn you more losses than wins. In the game of poker, you will be faced with situations wherein it is ultimately better to fold.

When you have made up your mind to be inflexible, you can fully expect the losses to start piling up.


Too Much Bluffing

Bluffing is a normal part of the game of poker. However, when you resolve yourself into pretty much bluffing all of your opponents for every round, you end up exhausting yourself that much faster. Also, if you keep bluffing, you will find that your bluffs no longer have any potency to them. Instead of working to keep your opponents guessing, you’ll end up tipping them off whenever you DO have a good hand.


Unrealistic Goals

Having a goal is fine. However, it is when you psyche yourself up to a goal that is not realistic, you end feeling frustrated and dejected. This is a pitfall that even a lot of professional players have. Being able to come up with an attainable goal is better for your mental status as a poker player.

Instead of having a high or large goal, try to aim for something that you can reach with a little bit of hard work. This way, you have a marker of your growth as a player and you test your mental capabilities in the long run.



When you have a big tournament coming up, it is good to prepare. However, when you invariably unload your system with the newest plays or strategies, you end up damaging your overall performance when the game starts.

A good thing to do would be to pace yourself with your preparation and take a rest the day before your tournament or game. This way, your mind has a chance to rest and really store everything that you have come to learn over the period of your preparation.


Overly Frenzied

Going into a poker game or tournament can be quite exciting. However, if you approach the game with your settings on high, you end up burning out before the game even starts.

Keep these few points in mind and prep your mental game!


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A Frankly Simple Way to Avoid Poker Burnout

Like all things in life, they can start to wear you down. Poker, as wonderful as it is, does not find itself immune to this fact. Join us as we discuss a clever way on how you can avoid poker burnout!


What is “Poker Burnout”?

What a lot of people do not realize is that burnout is something that goes beyond the world of employment. The term ‘burnout’ is what is called as a complete and total exhaustion of your mental, physical, and even emotional state. This is what happens when a person undergoes a significant and continuous amount of stress.

While it would be nice to think that this is only applicable to something as completely taxing like work, burnout also exists in other facets of our lives. Even with things that we enjoy in our down time.

If you are not familiar with the term, poker burnout refers to the loss of motivation for the game of poker. Just looking at or even thinking of poker will bring on feelings of tiredness or irritation. The game of poker, while can be described as a hobby, can be the source of a significant amount of stress! This is due to the fact that a lot of poker players often use real world money when playing.

While the online world uses virtual chips, they have evolved to the point where they make use of real world money as well. Anything that can cause you to lose a significant amount of money should be taken seriously—hence, the stress. To avoid poker burnout, here is a pretty solid tip for you:


Take a short-term break from cash play

One of the biggest sources of stress is having the goal of earning a lot of money while keeping losses to a minimum. This added stress is something that your system will need to take a break from. A big reason why poker players get exhausted is because of the constant chase for the large pot.

Consider taking a break from cash play. There are now tournaments wherein you can just play to win and not have any money involved. If being away from cash play cannot be done, something is going to have to budge. It is better to take a step back now than to permanently lose the chance to earn again. Even professional players have a secondary source of income.

Reacquainting yourself with the things that made you fall in love with poker to begin with is a good thing to prioritize when you are going to take a break from cash play. Did you find something appealing about figuring out how to get the best hand? Was there a thrill in outwitting an opponent? Try to find it again but at your own slowed down pace.

Reevaluate your priorities in order to make a decision that is best for you as a person and as a player. Poker is not going anywhere so there is no rush. Recover your motivation and poker will be waiting for you.



Post Author: John Adams

Poker Philosophy: How the Game is Exactly Like Dating

The game of poker has a lot of facets to it that you can actually apply to the world of dating. Not convinced? Join us as we explain why poker is EXACTLY like dating. Smart Phone Cards is a site that not only discusses the game itself but also the different ways it is viewed. One of what we hope will be regular segments will be about philosophy.

Poker is a game wherein skill, luck, and presentation are king. Dating is pretty much like that as well. In today’s discussion we will be elaborating on those three things and let’s see if you can still deny it by the end.



Poker, a game, has established rules, techniques, and combinations to help players get positive results. Dating, a social interaction has set rules of etiquette, certain techniques, and combinations to help singletons get successful interactions.

Certain facets of it can be innate like math for poker or conversational skills for dating. Both things may also require a skill that you build over time. After all, no one is born knowing all the possible combination to win a poker game. Just like there is no one born how to flatter a woman in the most efficient way possible, right?



You can practice all you may like but if the timing is not right. One of the things that make poker addicting is the fact that luck still plays a factor in the game. You can try to aim for a good hand but if the cards do not come your way, you just have to deal with it. It is all about working with what you are given.

In terms of dating, luck also plays a factor. The chances of meeting a total stranger and hitting it off is a hit and miss thing. You can be totally into someone and it can even be mutual but if the timing is off, it will not work.



A major part of the game of poker is bluffing. You need to appear like you are a certain way (confident or worried) despite it being not the reality. When you are dating someone and you want that date to go places, how you present yourself matters.

You cannot show up to a date looking sloppy or under dressed (if you are going somewhere fancy). If you are trying to impress your potential partner, it would be important to appear the right blend of confidence (even if you do not particularly feel it). Most of the best dates happen between two people who are pretty darn nervous but continue on—they just bluff their way through the nerves.


Absolutely the same

As you can see, the game of poker and dating are pretty much the same thing. This is probably why a lot of poker players have steady relationships. While the applications might vary depending on the situation, the key ingredients are still the same. The next time you try to date or even when you are about to play another round of poker, try to spot the three things that make poker and dating so similar.


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