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Smart-Phone-Cards is an online low cost shop dedicated to provide a diverse of calling cards that can be used for international and domestic calls. Keep in touch with your family/friends, make business calls, enquiries or place orders nationally or internationally. Recharge your Cards anytime online, by phone, or simply by activating the auto refill option, so you will never run out of minutes. We assist you keep in touch in speed and at affordable low calling rates without upheaval.

Prepaid Phone Cards Rates From USA to:

Usa Phone Cards  Usa
0.7 /min
India Phone Cards  India
1.7 /min
4.5 /min
1.2 /min
1.1 /min
9.5 /min
1.8 /min
1.3 /min
0.9 /min
0.5 /min
5.5 /min
2.3 /min
China Phone Cards  China
0.7 /min
7.6 /min
3.2 /min
4.9 /min
0.9 /min
0.9 /min
0.6 /min
2.2 /min
0.6 /min
0.8 /min
5.5 /min
5.5 /min

Best Calling Cards

Smart Phone Card

Canada 0.8¢ France 0.9¢ UK 0.9¢ GermanyRussia 2.4¢


Happy Family Phone Card

UK 1.9¢ Germany 2.2¢ Romania 3.2¢

On Sale

Cheap Talk Phone Card

CanadaSpainFinland 2.6¢ India 5.1¢ Philippine 9.9¢


World Connection Phone Card

Austria 2.2¢ Belgium 2.2¢ Hong Kong Cell 1.8¢ Albania 4.9¢
Euro Call Phone Card

Call from most European countries.


Clear Connect Phone Card

UK 0.9¢ Canada 0.9¢ AustraliaRussia 2.8¢ Mexico 5.5¢ Pakistan


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